Customized Sizing and Drying Systems

The NewWay Zero Landfill Processing System

(Patent Pending)

How Does It Work?


By combining EXISTING technologies that have never been combined before we are able to sort, pulverize, and dry any feedstock such as:

  • Municipal solid waste
  • Waste water treatment sludge
  • Paper mill waste
  • Organic waste
  • Animal waste
We can achieve less than 15% moisture content to maximize BTU value. We achieve a smaller particle size than any existing technology and our system offers lower maintenance, less downtime, and lower cost per ton than anything on the market.

transfer and packaging

Bale and wrap the dry feed stock for long term storage or transportation.

bale wrapped for storage

NewWay System Benefits

  • Reduce the weight of MSW by 35%
  • Reduce the weight of high moisture sludge products by 50%
  • This weight reduction greatly reduces hauling costs
  • The wrapped bales will double the life of a landfill and eliminate leaching issues

The NewWayNewWay Energy Balecan be used for:

  • Fuel for kiln operations
  • Incinerator fuel
  • Feedstock for gasification
  • Feedstock for oil conversion